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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Knitting Pictures

So as I go to take pictures of my knitting. I turn around and laying in the spot I just cleared for my items is this pain in the ass. Isn't it just like a cat to get in the middle of what ever your doing. When you want him to come to you, he just ignores you.
Well on to the knitting portion of the blog. This funky sweater is for my 5 yr. old niece. It was made from Wendy Jazz that I had gotten from Elann. I used 2 strands held together, one pink and one lavender. Sorry for the not so great pictures. I had bad lighting since it was 1:00am and also my camera sucks donkey ass.

These two pictures are for my 10 yr. old and 13 yr. old nieces. They asked for fuzzy wrist warmers. So I found this funky, fuzzy stuff at Hobby Lobby and after making the wrist warmers I had a shit ton of yarn left so I made them matching hats.

Last but not least we have a purse I made for my nieces 13th birthday on Monday. I used some thick and thin wool yarn I got on clearance at JoAnn's fabric.(did I mention that this suck ass town does not have a local yarn store?)I am not sure how noticable the cables on it are but, they are there. Once again the picture does not do the color any justice, but you get the gist of it right? I lined it with a gray satin material, which was a chore in itself. I am the worst sewer in the world. I am so bad that I have my hubby sew all buttons for me.

In the world of Monarque everyone is sick except Ed. Probably because he is never home. EJ had his christmas program last Thursday and it was so cute. He was the only one not singing and they wore these cute hats with a pipecleaner halo on the top. EJ played with the halo the whole time, bending it to look through the hole, hooking it on his chin and then turned the whole hat around backwards to make it all easier for him to do all of this. I do have it on video but I did not take any pictures. I have been selling some stuff at my etsy shop this week. 2 of the items were special order colors so I have been busy all weekend making fingerless mitts in Blue and White. As for Christmas knitting I have 2 scarves left to do for EJ's teachers and that is it. Explain to me how Sophie goes to school full day and only has one teacher and EJ goes to school for 2 1/2 hours and has 2 teachers. It's not fair because that just leads to extra holiday knitting for me. I will post progress pics as soon as I get the chance. Ed is off tomorrow so the chance of me using the computer that the camera is hooked up to is next to nil. He will be lost in the World of Warcraft all day.


At December 19, 2006 at 10:41:00 AM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHA! I hate WoW with a passion. And it sucks you have no LYS. :( You could probably call Linda and have her send you some things. lol


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