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Welcome to my world of knitting and crocheting. I will try to post as often as possible with my projects and ideas. I am new to this so please bear with me.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

What Death Will You Die?

Oooh, easy does it on the metal food group
You will swallow some tacks. You are a little
weird, maybe not so much in a good way. Buy a
yellow tie and wear it on your head.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
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Jackpot at LYS

So I went to the lys yesterday and spent my children's inheritance. I got 2 pair of addi turbo's size 4 and 5, some Cascade sassy stripes for barbie clothes, 2 sock books, a swift, and some other spin off magazines that are not pictured. Oh yeah add some stitch holders to that too. I already put them in my project bag. I decided I wanted to splurge for once, that is where the turbo's come in. What a great pair of needles, I just love them.

In knitting news I have been working on some barbie clothes. I have been having some difficulty with the sweaters. On the first one(the raglan) I totally did a good job on gauge and the construction of the pieces. I even blocked it and everything. The problem was seaming. I am a terrible sewer. I really need some seaming lessons. Now on the second one I knit it top down. I did a gauge swatch that was perfect and started knitting. I totally followed the pattern and even added an extra row to be on the safe side that it would be long enough. As you can see I really messed it up somewhere. It was suppose to be long sleeve not 3/4 or 1/2 sleeve and it also was not suppose to be a belly shirt. Now the skirt on the other hand turned out perfect. There was a hat to match the skirt but dd lost it in the shuffle before I could get pictures taken. I had fun doing these but I am back to the drawing board when it comes to the tops.

I have been working a little on the jaywalkers but not enough to post a progress picture. I will have that by Monday I am guessing. Well off to work my new swift and progress on the jaywalkers. Everyone have a nice weekend.

Monday, January 23, 2006


I am so excited to be in this round of the sockapaloooza. I missed out on the last one and was so jealous looking at all of the great socks that got passed around. This will also fall perfectly with the knitting olympics. Since I am on the USA Sock Knitters Team I can kill 2 birds with one stone. Can't ask for more than that. In other news, my order from Hello Yarn came today. I got a spindle kit. It has some really nice looking fiber that I can't wait to spin up. I also ordered some more fiber from a place that Marnie McLean bought some from. I can't remember the name right now but I will post a picture and a link as soon as it arrives. I will also post some knitting related pictures tomarrow. Right now I am blocking a barbie sweater I made today and I also have some wrist warmers to show off and a scarf. Well of to bed, more to come tomarrow.