Drop One, Pick Up One!

Welcome to my world of knitting and crocheting. I will try to post as often as possible with my projects and ideas. I am new to this so please bear with me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

LYS disappointment :(

I am using blue to type this today, because that is how I feel. We only have 2 LYS's in our town. A very, very, very, very, (did I mention very?) small Michael's and a Super Walmart. Now for the disappointing part. They don't carry anything good in them. They have the regular acrylic yarn such as red heart and carron. They also have bernat and lion brand items, but not thier whole selection. I want to knit socks with self patterning yarn and we have none in our LYS. Not even lion brands color magic. I also have seen several cute patterns that call for yarn I had only heard of in other peoples blogs or pattern books. Now ofcourse I have searched the internet and found these yarns. So the problem is you ask? I only have a limited budget to purchase yarn (contrary to popular beleif, the military does not pay well) so I usually can't purchase enough at one time to complete a project. Also I have a patients problem, I can't make myself wait and save up. If I have yarn money in my budget I am out buying yarn instantly to start a project. So I am usually stuck with the basic yarn or fun fur type stuff.

So all this being said, I figured out what I am going to go to school for next year when I start at the community college. Small business!! I am going to open a yarn shop in town. It is going to hold a Stitch n Bitch session and classes to learn knitting and crocheting and the whole works. Now that my bitch session is done I am going to start knitting so I can post some pictures later today.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fabric Hat Finished

Well I have finished the dreaded fabric hat. Here is my DD modeling it. Appearently I have been spending too much time knitting and not getting my DD's hair cut. Oh well, there is a project for today. It is not as big as I would have liked because I miss calculated on the yardage of fabric. When I went back to purchase some more it was sold out. In one picture I have the brim rolled as it should be and in the other the brim is straight down. I like it better without it rolled.

I got my Boye Needle Master in the mail yesterday and am already working on a new hat. I was so excited to see the mailman with the package that I think I scared him. I haven't gotten much further on my socks for DD, but my new hat is about a third of the way done. I will be back later today with updates I hope. Off to get my SUV inspected, so I should be able to get some KIP done on DD's socks. Wish me luck on passing my inspection, the SUV isn't in as great as shape as it used to be. (maybe I will steal DH's new truck! now there is an idea).

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Fabric Hat

Here is the picture of the fabric hat I have been working on. It looks better in person than it does in the picture. I don't like how it is all frayed so bad already. I obviously picked the wrong type of material but, I am forging on with it. Hopefully the FO will look much better. I will post a picture when I have it done. I am using size 10 needles which I made myself from dowels and a pattern that came with a fabric kit to make hats. It is all stockinette stitch except the brim, which is a garter stitch. It is a real easy pattern. So like I said I hope the FO looks better than the WIP. Heres keeping my fingers crossed.

My WIP's

I will try and post some pictures of my WIP later today. DH is busy on the computer that the camera is attached to. Right now I am knitting a pair of socks for my DD in a lime green color. I am still working on the ribbing on the first sock. I am doing a k1,p1 ribbing down to the heal. It is going pretty good so far since they are only my third project since I started knitting.

My other WIP is a rolled brim hat that I am making out of fabric strips. This is turning out to be quite the project. I think I picked out the wrong type of fabric to use because it is fraying way too much. I am going to keep going with it and see what the outcome will be. That way I will always have a "this is my first fabric project" project.

I recently bought a Needlemaster from Ebay and am waiting for it to arrive. I can't wait. I want to do more in the round projects. Especially hats.

I have been crocheting a lot lately. We have a small store here that is run by Marine Corps Wives and they sell items made by MCW's to help them out and give them a place to display thier wares. I have submitted some stuff to the store to sell(mostly hats and ponchos) and am waiting to see how it goes. I plan on making some wizard scarves to sell since Harry Potter is the big thing right now.

Well I am off to watch the NASCAR race. I will try and get those pictures posted this afternoon. TTFN