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Welcome to my world of knitting and crocheting. I will try to post as often as possible with my projects and ideas. I am new to this so please bear with me.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My first Meme

I found this at the Year of the Alpaca KAL.

1. I've been hooked on the needles since? I started crocheting 9 years ago when my husband left for Marine Corps boot camp. I taught myself to knit in July of 2005. I prefer the look of knit, but love the speed of crochet.

2. I'm still a virgin, but not for long: to intarsia, I just finally broke my cherry on fair isle, steeking and entralac this year.

3. She's crafty - she gets around...to : knitting, crochet, and spinning

She's crafty - she's always down...for: reading, bingo, watching movies

She's crafty - she's got a gripe...about : people who talk during movies and people who chew gum like a cow. Chewing is an odd pet peeve of mine anyway. I should do the 6 weird things meme too!

She's crafty - and she's just my type. What type of knitter are you? I'm a thrower who gifts much of it. I grudgingly swatch, happily finish, and usually only work on a couple of projects at once. I make most things for my kids or nieces.

4. I'm dying to try: Noro, cherry hill, Mango moon, and spinning silk

5. I gravitate towards colors like: Black or neutral colors. I gravitate towards very bright colors for the kids.

6. My most cherished possession (kids, pets, family don't count) is: Yarn stash(hehe need you ask) seriously my spinning wheel and a tee shirt from the Labor Day Shootout 1996 which has an autograph of my friend Danny McMann. He died in a snowmobile accident 3 months later.

7. I'm stuck on an island, what am I reading? Janet Evanovich or Dean Koontz

8. If I were about to be executed and I was offered a last meal , I'd be dining on: Sushi

9. Music to knit by: Rascal Flatts

10. I have a crush on: Juan Pablo Montoya

11. Least favorite celeb: Paris Hilton
12. Choose:

Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? Johnny

Madonna or Janet Jackson? Madonna

June Cleaver or Peg Bundy? June

Jackie or Marilyn? Jackie

Love or Money? Love

Brains or looks? Brains

Math or English? English

Cat or Dog? Cat

Leader or follower? Leader, although I prefer to be a follower I always end up being a leader.

Beer or Champagne? Beer

13. My favorite smell? Linda's yarn shop. The Tail Spinner

14. Not many people know this about me: I hate feet, but I love knitting socks.

15. My hidden talent is: that I am talentless!

If you're reading this then you are officially tagged.

Strangely accurate

You Are Iris

You are an interesting blend of fun and wisdom.
You definitely make people think about themselves and their place in the world.
But they'll have fun doing it. You definitely epitomize laughter therapy.
You are a very enriching and entertaining friend!

Monday, January 29, 2007


I tackled the ever dreaded steeking and I kicked it's ASS! This was my first real venture into fair isle also. I wasn't surprised that the fair isle was easier than it looked, but the steeking surprised me. I was scared as hell of cutting my precious knitting. I just dove in head first, sewed my guide lines and cut away. It is a lot easier than it looks. There really was no worries once I got started and did it.

The sweater was made for a teddy bear Sophie got for Christmas. She made the bear at the generic build a bear shop. It turned out to be a little tight for her bear but she likes it anyway. The chart I used for the fair isle butterfly's was missing a few x's so 2 of my butterflies ended up with partial wings. I remembered to over stitch on one of them and not the other. The picture of the back of the sweater turned out a little blurry but you can at least get the idea. I also made a sweater for Sophie a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of it. It is just a basic top down raglan with fun fur around the collar, cuffs, and bottom. It looks really cute on her.

My next projects on my radar are socks for my mom, an EZ sweater for EJ, and another sweater for Sophie. I also completed 2 fun fur hats for charity. So I am now up to 9 items made from stash yarn. I am doing good with my New Years resolutions only 6 more items to go from my stash and I did the steeking and fair isle. I might just make them all.