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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Once again long time no write!! Must put an end to that!!

I must put an end to this long time no posting crap. I have been busy but, not that busy that I can't drop a line every now and again. Oddly enough I read all the blogs in my sidebar nearly everyday and also read others from other bloggers sidelines but just don't post on mine. Now how do I expect people to drop by if I am lazy and don't write. Sooooo......My new years resolution (albiet a little late) is ......... Blog at least 3 times a week and eventually move it up to everyday. Lets see if I can stick to that or just be a stick in the mud.

Now that being said lets move on to knitting fun. Just because I have been a stick in the mud on post doesn't mean I have been a stick in the mud on knitting. Here are just a few things I have been working on.

I learned last weekend how to spin(sorta). This was my first attempt. Sorry for the bad picture. I am no good a photography and I also need a new camera. I am really enjoying the spinning though. My poor hubby is going to come home and be attacked by all the fiber and yarn we have in the house now.

Next we move on to my recent purchases from Elann. Just look at all of that sock yarn. Can you guess what will be keeping me busy? You guessed it.....SOCKS!!!!

Since the socks are going to be coming in plenty. Can you also guess which pattern I have picked out for them??? You guessed it again.....JAYWALKERS!!!!!

Here is a picture of my progress with the Jaywalkers. I do enjoy this pattern very much. All the stripy goodness and ease of the pattern. This is one bandwagon I am glad I jumped on. After seeing all of the wonderful Jaywalkers of other blogers how could you not.

I also have been busy recycling more yarn. I found a sale at our local Salvation Army shop and got around 20 sweaters for only 10.00. That means lots of ripping is coming my way. Here are a few I have done already. The blue one I have started knitting into a garter stitch scarf for one of my nieces and will make a hat and probably some mittens to go with it.


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