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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Knitting from stash crazyness

So I had decided in November that one of my New Year Resolutions would be to knit at least 15 items from my stash in 2007 before I buy any more yarn. (fiber for spinning does not count since it is not technically yarn yet)I have no intentions of joining Wendy in her stash along. The reason I am posting this is to let all LYS owners know that they have nothing to worry about. There is one yarn store owner in particular that I am talking about, who has posted on her blog and in the comments at Wendy's blog.She seems to think that knit bloggers have the power to run her out of business. I feel as long as there are knitters there will be yarn bought, for what ever the purpose or reason. As for the stash along most of this yarn was bought from the LYS to begin with and it needs to be knit up eventually. I am also assuming (you know what happens when you assume) that you sell items other than yarn. Such as patterns for using the stash, needles for knitting the stash, stitch markers for marking the stash on the needles, and so forth and so on, you get the idea. These items all cost money also and need to be bought somewhere. On top of all this ranting by me, just think of how many resolutions get broken every year. Knitters are weak, we can't resist that new skein of handpainted yarn, or that nice new alpaca yarn you just got in. You may lose a few yarn sales but you will make up for it in pattern and needle sales I think. I am saying this because I just bought a pattern book, 2 addi turbos, and my last 2 skeins of yarn for 2006 from my LYS(technically she is 1600 miles away but she was my LYS owner when I lived in NC)to help me knit my stash. I also have plans for more patterns which I will need to buy later in the next month. Needless to say she won't lose any of my business and my stash was bought mostly from her anyway.

Now that I am done with that rant I don't have any actual knitting content today. I started a Bejeweled for one of EJ's teachers. I will take pictures before I gift it. I dinn't get his teachers gifts done before the holiday break so they will get them when we go back on the 3rd. The other teacher is getting a pair of fetching gloves from knitty. I used black cascade 220 for them and it doesn't show the detail as much as I would have liked. Pictures to come soon. I do have one picture to share with you today. The kids used thier xmas money to go to the generic build a bear store. They just love thier purchases to death. They sleep with them every night.
Sorry for the crappy picture, my picture taking skills are something to be desired. I am off to rest, we have been suffering from the flu here all week long.


At December 30, 2006 at 5:26:00 PM CST, Blogger Gina said...

Hey...thanks for the comments. I appreciate you voicing your opinion about it and it is well taken. I do agree with you. I had pretty much calmed down and figured I had overreacted, but then that customer walked in and said she was doing the "knit from your stash 07" and I kinda freaked alittle. I'm still overreacting, I know! I'll keep you posted on my sales for the next year. Happy New Year!

At December 30, 2006 at 6:13:00 PM CST, Blogger Marianne said...

Hi Rhonda, hey! you're in Oklahoma! Lawton! whoa...first of all, cute kids! secondly, thanks for stopping by and leaving 'her' url, for one I couldn't believe the name of her blog, skein cocaine? and to tell you the truth reading through some of her posts....she doesn't sound terribly stable and she's certainly not thought this whole thing through, nor read the lists of rules that everyone's writing...their own which have plenty of 'mulligans' if you please, on top of the needles, patterns, dyes, fibres, (none of which are necessarily inexpensive),
talk about a chicken with it's head cut off, oops, sorry, not a very pleasant visual,eh?
My x-inlaws lived in Lawton (we're talking at least a thousand years ago) no, Jane and Emmett Keough, he was a journalist with the paper, we are talking a long long time ago in that they are both deceased, their oldest child, who grew up there, is 66, my ex is 56 and yes he grew up there until jr.high age I believe.
They went to Blessed Sacraments, the Catholic church there,....and strangely enough, I'm trying to remember the year...and can't, but many years ago the interior of the church went through a renovation, and I was one of the two decorative painters that did that job. It's a beautiful little church. Down in the basement a group of women would get together and quilt, a couple of the older ones remembered Jane and Emmett, actually at that particular time Jane was still living.

small world, eh?

At January 1, 2007 at 7:41:00 PM CST, Blogger  said...

I'm stashing along. And I will be in the shop all of the time. It's nine months, I'm going to take spinning lessons (mucho money) and as you say, there are always needles to buy. And sock yarn....


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